Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just keep walking

 So I started my 100 mile trek 18 days ago and have walked 50 miles. I am halfway to reaching my goal of 100 miles and I still have 28 days left tell my anniversary. It feels really good to be active and to see the numbers going both up and down. I know it seems silly, but to me if feels like I am accomplishing something great. I just hope that when I am through with this, I can set a higher goal and just keep walking. My 33rd birthday is 37 days from my anniversary. How many miles should I plan to walk before then?


  1. Great job, Vicki! I really did copy you and have been counting down the miles. My gps watch has all my workouts saved in it and I haven't downloaded it to my computer yet to see exactly where I'm at, but I have been doing pretty awesome so know I'll get it done. Way to go for you, too!

  2. I say go for another 75! Keep up the fabulous work!!!!